Need a nice embroidered  Golf Shirt, embroidered Hat, Bag, or any other item with an embroidered  logo.  Let us help.   Whether you are preparing for a nice golf outing,  dressing up your staff, or giving a client a nice gift, we have 1000's  of fabulous golf shirts, hats, bags, etc. to choose from. 

Visit our promotional products website at www.thepromotionalpros.com

If you are looking for wearables, caps, and bags like t-shirts, golf shirts, duffle bags, fleece, coats, etc. visit www.sanmar.com for a great selection of products.  

Prices listed on these websites is retail pricing.  This does not include any decorating or set up fees.

Embroidered golf shirts are a great way to say "Thanks for your business!"   

It cost the average company $60-$120 for a client visit within 30 miles away.  It also takes 8 times for a person to see or hear your name before they recognize your company or potentially or buy from you.   

Why not make the visit count and give them a nice embroidered golf shirt with your logo?  We recommend putting your logo on the sleeve or under the collar on the back of the shirt.  

We've found we have over a 85% chance of getting a quote from a client if we give them an embroidered golf shirt and we increase our potential by over 300% of securing the business.  Are your clients worth $30.00?